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My eyes were sealed
My lips were sewn
No stories to be seen, no words to be spoke
Abandoned and defeated and left all alone
The silence grew louder and my space got small
The wind became icy but my body became warm
My arms and legs started to finally move
This was it, it was my turn to run
To save myself from this forest and go look for help
Only when I stood up I could finally then see that I was looking down at body and it was my soul that was set free.

Where my love, did you go?

I saw you standing alone and weak. I saw the way you wished for a miracle and prayed God would pick you off your knees. To pick you up and take you somewhere far away from here. Your eyes they were so fearful and your heart it was so torn. You were running away from something horrible, but all I could do was watch. Watch as you wished upon a star as tears rolled down your eyes. Watched as you lifted your hand to God in hopes that he would reach down and heal your scars. I wished and prayed I could help you, but the days just kept on passing by. You were here, then you were gone, where my love, did you go? I’ve been searching for you for a thousand moons but still you haven’t shown..

Take my hand

Take my hand, let’s run away, let’s break away from all our pain. Your hand in mine we’ll erase the hands of time and recreate an ending where our story’s never ending. Where loneliness becomes dust in the wind like an old forgotten memory. No death from the silence of pain and regret, let’s run away, your hand in mine, let’s thrive together and abandon the rest.


Behind my eyes lay secrets that one has never known. Secrets of regret and secrets of pain. But the ones that scare me the most are the secrets that I can not differentiate. Sometimes I can close them in and peal back their layers of skin, but beneath their core these secrets of mine develop a thicker web of lies. My secrets like to hide away because their scared to be exposed, but oh the pain that would be endured if only I’d let them go…