The Unique Benefits of Coconut Oil

All of us by now know the benefits of coconut oil. What we don't all know are the unique benefits that coconut oil can hold. While many people use coconut oil for cooking, I personally use it more on my skin than on the skillet. Below are some unique but MAJOR benefits that coconut oil … Continue reading The Unique Benefits of Coconut Oil


Top Five Foods That Curb Your Hunger and Keep You Energized!

Foods that are rich in fiber and water are a great way to stay energized throughout the day and curb your appetite! Below are a list of my top five foods and snacks that I like to indulge in when I am hungry and need something to hold me over until my next meal. These … Continue reading Top Five Foods That Curb Your Hunger and Keep You Energized!


Take a deep breath in, your story has just began. Confusion and manipulation will become your greatest friend. Uplifting all the lies will torture you inside. Your face will hide your pain; your beauty will still radiate. Everyone will wonder, but they'll never truly know just what it is you hide within your ever longing … Continue reading Wonder


I've been here before. The smells and sounds are so familiar. Yesterdays terror lingering in today's mirror. A garden of thorns over took the Garden of Eden. The presence of evil has diminished my vision. Hold me tight and don't let go, guide me out of this hell I know. The light is going, but … Continue reading Wings