The Second Trimester: You’re Halfway There!

So you have finally arrived at your half way mark (or are VERY close) the start of your second trimester can bring such joy for mommy-to-be's. Many mothers at this stage finally have a break from morning sickness and start to finally enjoy food again. I, on-the-other-hand had a very comfortable second trimester and since … Continue reading The Second Trimester: You’re Halfway There!



Take a deep breath in, your story has just began. Confusion and manipulation will become your greatest friend. Uplifting all the lies will torture you inside. Your face will hide your pain; your beauty will still radiate. Everyone will wonder, but they'll never truly know just what it is you hide within your ever longing … Continue reading Wonder

Cruel World

I tore down your picture and burned all your words of letters written and our love torn. It is a harsh reality to this cruel, cruel world that all beautiful love stories must come to an end in order for our new stories to finally begin..