Borderline Gestational Diabetes

Have you been diagnosed with borderline gestational diabetes? This can be an intimidating time for you if your answer is, yes. I myself was diagnosed with borderline gestational diabetes and while thankfully I do not have to worry about finger pricks five times a day, I do have to be very careful and watch what … Continue reading Borderline Gestational Diabetes


Third Trimester: Belly Tightness Remedies!

We have finally made it to the last trimester; that's huge! I believe with the growing anticipation and excitement to finally meet our little one these last few weeks have felt like they have slowed down a bit for my partner and I.  However, on-the-other-hand things are also moving quite quickly given that we now … Continue reading Third Trimester: Belly Tightness Remedies!


Take a deep breath in, your story has just began. Confusion and manipulation will become your greatest friend. Uplifting all the lies will torture you inside. Your face will hide your pain; your beauty will still radiate. Everyone will wonder, but they'll never truly know just what it is you hide within your ever longing … Continue reading Wonder


I've been here before. The smells and sounds are so familiar. Yesterdays terror lingering in today's mirror. A garden of thorns over took the Garden of Eden. The presence of evil has diminished my vision. Hold me tight and don't let go, guide me out of this hell I know. The light is going, but … Continue reading Wings


My heart is pounding too damn fast I feel it wanting to jump out of my chest Anxiety poisons all of my veins My brain twists and turns in constant pain My headaches rawr throughout my bones My body sweats through all my pores When will this anxiety of mine disappear so I can thrive.