Throw It Away

It’s something that never dies within you, but crumbles when you hand it out.
Some people would drown in your power of love while others would destroy it.
So capture the one that accepts you.
Throw yourself into them & throw away any old betrayal.
Because that can never thrive there…

Maybe I Was Wrong

When you live in the dark for so long you tend to lose sight of the light.
Yesterday, I awoke from a nightmare and today all I see is you, all I feel is you…you set me free.
Maybe I was wrong…
Maybe some things weren’t meant to last.
For where I’ve lost, I have now gained and my vision is finally clear again.

Stay With Me

Stay with me,
even if you play pretend because I would rather live a lie then swallow the truth again.
Break me down slowly, my hearts a little weak, but one by one pull me near and whisper your lies to me.
I know you may not wish to and you really may not care, but whisper them oh so slowly till I find my peace again.
It might sound a little crazy, to some definitely strange.
But my hearts too weak to fix the leak, so please, just stay with me.


Goodbye Again

I had a dream about you, just the other night.
Everything you’d done disappeared when I saw you in my sight. Many people were involved you weren’t the only one, but the best thing was you were here to stay until you told me why you’d come.
You were sick, it was a tumor, there was nothing left to say because I knew the only reason you called was to tell me goodbye again.

Make a Wish

A kiss upon a rose, a pull upon a pedal.
Today’s your day to make a change and wish for the better.
Close your eyes and extinguish the flame.
Open your eyes and let go of the pain.
May today be the day you can finally live again.


Looking to the West as the sun slips down beneath the darkened clouds, I can’t help but to wonder where you are right now.
Every tear drop without you suffocates me along the way.
The beauty in life starts slowly fading along with the dust sky, there are many things I wonder, but the main question is always, why?

"Life is about emotion and writing is my release."