How To: Stay Toned In Your Third Trimester Of Pregnancy.

Working out in your third trimester of pregnancy can be a challenge. My greatest challenge has been finding my center of gravity and weight distribution. I have also faced challenges with knowing when to stop, how to adjust my weight, and how much is too much. I have always been a 'Go Getter' when it came … Continue reading How To: Stay Toned In Your Third Trimester Of Pregnancy.


Borderline Gestational Diabetes

Have you been diagnosed with borderline gestational diabetes? This can be an intimidating time for you if your answer is, yes. I myself was diagnosed with borderline gestational diabetes and while thankfully I do not have to worry about finger pricks five times a day, I do have to be very careful and watch what … Continue reading Borderline Gestational Diabetes


Today was a day of awakening a day where I finally found my soul a day where one became two and I became you. In a world where gloom over took my light, you have over taken my gloom. From today forward I will live for you.