Third Trimester: Belly Tightness Remedies!

We have finally made it to the last trimester; that’s huge!

I believe with the growing anticipation and excitement to finally meet our little one these last few weeks have felt like they have slowed down a bit for my partner and I.  However, on-the-other-hand things are also moving quite quickly given that we now will meet with our OBGYN every two weeks!

With that said, I am currently 32 weeks and 2 days (8 months) pregnant and my belly has definitely popped at this stage. I am embracing my pregnancy belly as much as I can because I know soon I will no longer have him in my belly, but rather in my arms, which is beautiful, but I know I’m going to definitely miss my baby kicks!

At this stage my biggest symptom is the tightening of my belly at the end of the day. This is very common at this stage and is mainly caused by of the collection of goodies we have eaten throughout the day… Not to mention you’re growing a baby, that is gaining about a 1/2 pound per week at this stage of pregnancy!

What helps me with the tightening of my belly is the use of Coconut Oil or Bio-Oil accompanied with Cocoa Butter! AND WATER (besides the constant urination; water will become you’re best friend in this final stage to keep you and your skin hydrated).

You can purchase these products on amazon; here are the exact ones I use:
(For purchase, just click on the links above)!


I make it a point to exfoliate my belly every other night and apply this remedy of oils and lotions three times a day and it works beautifully, but especially at the end of the day when my belly is nice and tight.

After I apply this remedy at night I then lay down, sip on some water while gently massaging my belly. This technique really helps alleviate the tightness while also allowing you and your little one to share some quality time together!




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