Borderline Gestational Diabetes

Have you been diagnosed with borderline gestational diabetes?

This can be an intimidating time for you if your answer is, yes.

I myself was diagnosed with borderline gestational diabetes and while thankfully I do not have to worry about finger pricks five times a day, I do have to be very careful and watch what I eat!

I did not see myself as having to worry about having gestational diabetes because I knew plenty of pregnant women that ate worse and were not as physically active as me; boy was I wrong, not to mention naive. All pregnancy’s are different and all women are different.

After failing my fist glucose test, I went in after fasting for twelve hours to my 3 hour glucose test. After they took my first blood draw, my glucose level was beautiful. Once I took the glucose however I started to become a little light headed. THIS IS NORMAL. They even recommend you put you legs up to help with the light-headedness. I ended up passing both my first and second blood drawls after taking the glucose, but failed my third one with a 144 blood sugar level; the max was 139.

While I may have not failed too terribly my numbers for my first and second blood draw were just passing, thus categorizing me as having borderline gestational diabetes.

So what now, where do we go from here…

Cut out sodas completely: To be honest I did drink the occasional soda. So if you are doing this too, cut them out completely! Hard I know and we definitely don’t want to, but your health is imperative for the health of your baby and that is so much more important!

No more sugary cereal: Okay so you cut the sodas, but you didn’t cut the sugary cereals… sorry they must go to! At least for the remaining of your pregnancy, which if you think of it, really is not that long! Goodbye, cocoa puffs, lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch…at least for now!

No more white bread: I tend to turn towards white bread when I am making sandwiches, however for the most part I actually really enjoy whole grain breads. I recommend the ones put out at the bakery that literally have the gains on them, YUM!

Cut down on the carbs: Portion size. Portion size. PORTION SIZE. It is everything when it come to maintaining a healthy diet and the same applies when you are pregnant. “Eating for two,” is a misconception that NEEDS to be addressed. Over eating can lead to a larger baby and unfortunately if your over eating sugary foods and lots of carbs it can also increase your risk of gestational diabetes!

No more whole milk: I LOVE whole milk. However, after being diagnosed as borderline diabetic, I had to cut whole milk and lean towards leaner options like fat-free milk or almond milk unsweetened. While they may not be ideal, they to the trick, at least until after my pregnancy!

DRINK MORE WATER: Drinking more water, I have noticed not only makes me feel less tight at the end of the day, but I also just all around feel better. My skin feels more hydrated and I have less headaches! Sugary drinks and foods can really make you feel like, shit. It’s important to maintain a balance!

This is just some advice I have for other mommas that may have been diagnosed with borderline gestational diabetes, I hope it helps you!

3 Key Points to Remember:

1) Cut back on sugars and portion size carbs!

2) Fruits have a lot of sugar too, while you do not need to cut fruits from your diet be sure to maintain a proper portion size!

3) Greens, Veggies and Proteins are the KEY to maintaining a healthy diabetic diet.

For more information on gestational diabetes check out this page at Baby Center!


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