The Second Trimester: You’re Halfway There!

So you have finally arrived at your half way mark (or are VERY close) the start of your second trimester can bring such joy for mommy-to-be’s. Many mothers at this stage finally have a break from morning sickness and start to finally enjoy food again.

I, on-the-other-hand had a very comfortable second trimester and since I didn’t experience morning sickness, fatigue or cravings in my first trimester, the second trimester didn’t vary much.

However, at my half way mark is when I FINALLY started to show. My little bump took awhile to make an appearance, but once I finally started to show I didn’t slow down. Every week my bump was noticeably larger, but luckily it didn’t hinder my ability to stay active.

During this trimester we put the majority of our babies room together. We got the necessities: crib, changing table, dresser and glider! We also purchased a cubby for his toys and goodies so we could easily store them away.

However, the biggest deal about the second trimester is that you FINALLY get to find out if you are having a baby girl or boy! How exciting is that! While some couples prefer to wait on knowing the gender of their baby, my partner and I couldn’t resist! We wanted to know in order to be able to get creative on ideas for his room, clothes and baby registry.

When we found out we were having a boy it was at our 18 week appointment. While observing our little guy on the big screen we were worried because he didn’t want to open his legs! We thought he was going to hold out on us UNTIL, he proudly spread them WIDE OPEN and there was our answer, “It’s a boy!”

I still remember being shocked because I really thought I was having a girl, maybe that was because I really couldn’t see myself raising a boy. Whatever the case, after the shock, I became overwhelmed with happiness knowing that soon enough this healthy little guy will be in my arms and boy or girl aside, that is all that matters!


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