My heart is pounding too damn fast I feel it wanting to jump out of my chest Anxiety poisons all of my veins My brain twists and turns in constant pain My headaches rawr throughout my bones My body sweats through all my pores When will this anxiety of mine disappear so I can thrive.



My eyes were sealed My lips were sewn No stories to be seen, no words to be spoke Abandoned and defeated and left all alone The silence grew louder and my space got small The wind became icy but my body became warm My arms and legs started to finally move This was it, it … Continue reading Free

Cruel World

I tore down your picture and burned all your words of letters written and our love torn. It is a harsh reality to this cruel, cruel world that all beautiful love stories must come to an end in order for our new stories to finally begin..


Today was a day of awakening a day where I finally found my soul a day where one became two and I became you. In a world where gloom over took my light, you have over taken my gloom. From today forward I will live for you.