They come out when it’s light and follow me into the dark. Each step they take is in unison with mine. They never leave my side even when I wish they did. They remind me of the person I was and the person I’ll never be again. My shadows have many shapes some small and … Continue reading Shadows



It's a weary world, you said this before as you held my hand and wiped away your tears. "I'm so mad at you" those were your last words. My neck got heavy as my head fell to the floor for I realized then you were too far gone. A few days later I got the … Continue reading Time

Don’t Look Back

Turn away and don't look back. They're chasing you and screaming your name. I see them smiling; their taunting your dreams. Your memories will manipulate your heart. They'll make you believe your meant to fall apart. Turn away and don't look back if you let them catch you, you'll suffocate in them.