Loveless Society

Look me in the eye and tell me it was all a lie. Tell me that you never cared and I'll turn away and disappear. I hate that I could never see, what it was you really wanted from me. You used me and threw away my key, leaving me stuck here in this loveless … Continue reading Loveless Society


My End

It's sunny out, but not in me. I can feel the pain of eternity. The thunder roars and shakes my bones. The lightning breaks through all my pores. It's sunny out, and I'm drawling my last breath. Goodbye, I loved you, but this is my end.


Suicide is not a question. I do not wish to die. I'd rather suffer. I'd rather stick to what I know. Emotions and feelings are my own kind of drug. Suffering is a addiction. Suicide is an end. I don't want to end the addiction I'm in.

The End

I couldn't break him down. His walls were too high. I tried for what had seemed like a million times. One day I found a smile. The next day I found a frown. & On the last day I found nothingness You were gone without a sound.