Loveless Society

Look me in the eye and tell me it was all a lie.
Tell me that you never cared and I’ll turn away and disappear.
I hate that I could never see, what it was you really wanted from me.
You used me and threw away my key, leaving me stuck here in this loveless society.

My End

It’s sunny out, but not in me.
I can feel the pain of eternity.
The thunder roars and shakes my bones.
The lightning breaks through all my pores.
It’s sunny out, and I’m drawling my last breath.
Goodbye, I loved you, but this is my end.


Suicide is not a question.
I do not wish to die.
I’d rather suffer.
I’d rather stick to what I know.
Emotions and feelings are my own kind of drug.
Suffering is a addiction.
Suicide is an end.
I don’t want to end the addiction I’m in.

The Voices in My Head

I can hear them all around.
The voices in my head.
Telling me to question you and everything you did.
Sometimes I listen and sometimes I turn away, but I can never turn them off, and change what I wish I had never said.
They like to stay within me, but sometimes they like to be heard.
Out loud in front of others or sometimes when we’re all alone.
I don’t know how they’ve grown so loud, or why they will not leave.
But they told me they were here to stay and that they’d never leave.

The End

I couldn’t break him down.
His walls were too high.
I tried for what had seemed like a million times.
One day I found a smile.
The next day I found a frown.
& On the last day I found nothingness
You were gone without a sound.

I Lost Her

And so it goes I loved her more than I had ever dreamed possible.
With her warm caress in a room full of people,I never knew she was waiting for me.
I never knew what I had until I turned away.
And that was it, within that swift second, I had lost her.
I had lost her forever.

Misguided Soul

It was a constant battle.
You told me this once.
I remember exactly what you said and exactly what you were wearing.
You had two stories,
one happy,
one sad.
You told them as if you were reliving those very moments.
I could feel your emotions pouring out of your pores.
The air was warm when you told of your sadness and cold when you spoke of your joy.
It was like you were living in an inverted world.
I loved your mystery.
You poor misguided soul.