Hey y’all!

Welcome to my blog, I’m a girl that is always on the go between college, maternity appointments, being an entrepreneur, being a dog mom, managing time with family and friends while still finding time for nutrition, fitness, and my relationship.. my life can get pretty chaotic.

Hence the name of my blog!

As a relief I journal, well, blog. Journaling takes too long! Blogging allows me to document my fondest memories and share with y’all some of my favorite hobbies and advice that may be helpful for you!

Here’s a little about me:

I joined the military in 2011 and became a veteran in 2015. I was Airborne while I was enlisted. I opened my own photography business in 2013 in honor of my late husband. I graduated with my Associates degree in 2017 and I am currently pursuing my criminology degree. I put myself through cosmetology school and graduated from that in 2017 as well. I am now a momma-to-be with the man of my dreams and couldn’t be happier!

I’m very artistic but also very logical, so when you view my blog you will find that my poetry and photography are my artistic side while the rest of my blog involves more logic, critical thinking and experience.

I hope I can make you smile through my stories and bring you relief through some of my advice and experiences!

If you are still here with me give my blog a follow, I promise I’ll have plenty to keep you entertained!